As a wife and mother of three little wildlings, my life is fairly busy, one thing that keeps me sane is getting out and about with my beautiful Nikon d750. To feel actual pain in my chest when I look up and see an amazing sunset passing me by whilst out and about in mum's taxi is just torturous! My littlies are very used to me saying over and over, "JUST LOOK AT THOSE CLOUDS, LOOK!!!"...  They just roll their eyes in annoyance...

Perhaps photography has always been in my blood. My dad and grandfather both had a love of photography, with Grandpa having his own darkroom set up in his garden shed. One of my first memories is being shown my dad's old "box camera" and marvelling at it's awesomeness. Then as a young girl growing up in Africa, trying to hold up my dad's huge telephoto lens to snap wildlife photos during safari trips to the Kruger.


I have been fortunate enough to have taken a few excellent short classes but am mostly self taught through trial and error. I love photographing children outdoors having fun and interacting with one another, but have developed a great love of landscapes! The absolute marvel of our creation gets to me every time.


And so here, I've gathered together a few of my favourite shots from the past few months. I am currently studying an Advanced Diploma of Photography which is challenging me and teaching me so much more. I am available for bookings or sometimes seen at the Mornington Racecourse Market, so come and say hi!

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